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The organisation  provides advice and information relating to young children facing social discrimination in general and Caribbean boys in particular.
The organisation will liaise with the housing authorities and provide information to youth leaving care homes about social housing and other housing related matters. Caribbean children will be benefiting from all kind of assistance and support during their temporary stay in those social housing before reintegrate in the real world.
Welfare Rights Advice
The C B in care trained volunteer team will provide information and advice on subjects ranging from welfare rights to housing, education, employment and good social conducts. The organisation will also organise social, cultural, and recreational events for the youth.
Legal Advice
The organisation will always help the youth in getting comprehensive advice from lawyers on their legal rights.
Training and employment
15% of the Caribbean population in the UK is unemployed due to lack of education and qualification. The CBC ltd services are unique in a way that they will address the employment needs of its service-users appropriately.  Arrangements have already been made with various institutions like International College, ACA Institute and DCAS Business School who will put together a package based on NVQ to train those boys in different skills. The organisation will also help with employment advice, interview skills, training and helping with CV’s and application forms.
Youth mentoring
The Caribbean Boys in Care will be involved in a youth mentoring scheme to provide support and advice to teenagers as a means of steering young people away from all form of abuses, drugs and crimes. By empowering young people to finish school, mentors are improving the student's success in the work world as adults.
Mentors and youth will work one-to-one for a year and will be also offered opportunities to participate in monthly group activities and outings.

Caribbean Boys in Care will offer youth that have already been identified as at-risk teenagers, an opportunity to work with caring mentors to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future.

Please make your contribution to:
Caribbean Boys in Care Limited, HSBC, 15 THE MALL, STRATFORD, London, E15 1XL, England. Phone - +44 (0)8457 606060
Account number: 31759566 - Sort code: 400630 --- Charity Number: 1125520
>>>Education , Education, Education <<<
>>>Investment in literacy, is investing in the world's success<<<
Thank you for helping us to play our small part in the success of these abandoned children's future.
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